lietuvių kalba in english APP


1. Main regulations:

These rules are to ensure security of participant and keep safe users personal data.

2. Rules of safe conduct:

i. Participants who are attending orienteering courses are doing it on their own, using maps and compass, found on the app.
ii. App creators are not responsible for participants getting lost or injuring themselves on the course.
iii. Participants can use any other equipment, if it's allowed by law, except when they are participating in event, which has it's own special rules.
iv. For childrens' behavior and security on the course are responsible adults, leading them.
v. Parent or guardian of a child has to explain rules of using this app and participating in orienteering courses. Child's adult representative is fully responsible for their security.

3. Participants personal data security:

i. Participants need to submit personal data, needed for registration: Name, surname, email, facebook or google account's ID.
ii. If participant is younger than 16 years old, he has to supply on of his parent's (or guardian's) name, surname, email and agreement for his participation in app's events (agreement, given by email)
iii. Every course has this data for participant: control points he found and exact time of finding the control code.
iv. All results, including participant's name and surname can be announced publicly at and websites.
v. App users can address anytime and ask to obtain their personal data and/or to ask for data to be removed fully. App creators are commited to do this in 7 working days.

4. Final notes

App creators are free to change these rules anytime.